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What is the largest emerging market of them all? The answer is not geographically but demographic: it is the woman! (1) The Harvard Business Review already described this development several years ago and today it is also frequently confirmed within the tourism industry. Forbes magazine recently concluded that women make as much as 80% of all travel-related decisions and bookings. The kind of trip that women increasingly choose is a solo trip. The average adventure traveler is therefore not a 28-year-old man, but a 47-year-old woman! (2)

For HomeToGo it has also been clear for some time: Women are the driving force behind the travel industry and they are increasingly booking a trip alone! To find out more about solo female travelers, we reviewed several international studies and reports, interviewed experienced solo female travelers, read their blogs and followed hundreds of social media accounts worldwide.

In this way, HomeToGo has selected three travel destinations suitable for different types of solo travelers: Italy, Peru, and Iceland. All these countries were then assessed on the basis of local; Security, Hospitality, Activities, Travel & Transportation, Living Expenses and Accommodation. A total of five points could be earned for each of these six categories. The maximum number of points that can be earned is therefore 30.

Female Solo Travel Italy
1. Italy – The perfect start as a solo traveler
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Inspired or not by Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, many travelers choose Italy as their (first) solo travel destination. The food, the delicious wine, the innate hospitality and friendliness of the Italians, combined with the weather and the history everywhere, make a trip within the ‘boot of Europe’ unforgettable. As a solo traveler you are absolutely safe here and there is enough to see and experience to not be bored for a day. In fact, it is claimed that the Italian travel experience was so special for many women that they decided never to leave Italy again. (4)

“As a solo destination, Italy is nothing but magic […] From north to south, from the mainland to the islands, I’ve seen and done so many incredible things and not once have I felt overwhelmed or fearful.” (5 )

Despite the fact that (public) transport, and daily life itself, is sometimes a bit more chaotic than at home, traveling around Italy is easy. The local costs are not much different from the Dutch prices (usually slightly cheaper), but there are outliers in both directions. Daily products are often cheaper than in the Netherlands, but, as Italians love luxury, you can easily spend a lot of money here on beautiful items. Finding suitable accommodation is usually easy. Italy is a holiday destination par excellence and there are therefore a huge number of holiday homes, hotels and apartments. The price of an overnight stay is relatively low, but it is not the cheapest travel destination on the list.

Our top recommendations:

1. Discover the coast from the path of the lemons, Amalfi coast
The reputation for the beauty of this coastal region in the south of Italy is more than justified. Here you will find the village of Amalfi and its ancient cathedral, Capri and its exclusive hotels and luxury boats, Positano, the favorite destination of intellectuals and artists and Sorrento with its many cafes. If you want to see things from a different perspective, opt for a walk along the path of lemons. The view from the ancient path is magical.

2. Take a pasta making course, Bologna
While visiting Bologna, the city of ragù and tortellini, you can stroll around the market, enjoy the Italian city life or learn how to make pasta like a pro! There are a lot of fun pasta workshops offered here that are definitely worth trying.


3. Hiking in Cinque Terre, Vernazza
Liguria is an idyllic place that is very popular among solo female travelers. So if you feel like walking a lot during your own Giro d’Italia, travel to the Cinque Terre mountains. Here are rocky landscapes and colorful little villages that have a special appeal for every backpacker. You can literally choose your own path here!

4. Wine tastings near Siena, Tuscany
Most of the solo female travelers spend some time in Tuscany. The hilly area with extensive vineyards, small villages and castles make this region the perfect retreat for some relaxation in the countryside. The local wine tastings in the region undoubtedly contribute to the region’s popularity. The Chianti region and the surrounding area of ​​Siena are one of the best areas to fully experience it all enjoy incredible wines.


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