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More than Just a Store

Anyone who has ever been to recycling company La Poubelle knows that you can get the best stuff there for a good price. But did you know that there are hundreds of people working for the company? Davy is one of them: he works as a driver. “La Poubelle is much more than just the shop.”

And you can see that at a glance when you walk past the shop entrance towards the office. Again on the right-hand side is a gigantic warehouse where dozens of people lug, select, price and do whatever else it takes to make La Poubelle a well-oiled machine.

Real Tilburger
But, before working, first relax. “Well, from now on you are no longer allowed to smoke, so when I come in I will first have a cigarette. Then I say good morning to everyone, ”says Davy. With a background as a truck driver throughout Europe, he knows better than anyone what it is like to relax every now and then. Now and then, because usually Davy is in top gear: “I work meticulously, but also very fast. I am a real Tilburger and I know my way around here. People never feel unsafe in my car, but I like to keep pace. ”

After his butt and the morning greetings, the first tasks begin. In a storage room there are already all kinds of cupboards, sofas and TVs ready to be taken away. “In principle, no route is driven at the weekend. Everything that is sold during the weekend must go to the buyer on Monday. I determine my route of the day and then it is time to load. ” On to the buyers of the stuff, and then the real challenge begins …

Fourteen high
“I recently had to take a dresser cupboard to the Puccini flat in Noord. Guess what: fourteen high! We couldn’t get it straight into the elevator so I had to keep it tilted up all floors. Not really good for my back. We arrive there, closet off the elevator. We had to immediately have the first door on the landing; so we could hardly run. ” Davy and his colleague decided to place the cupboard on the railing. “I looked down and the cars were like toy cars. I then stood with a cupboard half over the edge. Then I almost farted in my pants, haha! ”

Door out
Picking up things also provides remarkable moments. “Sometimes you have to pick up something and then it doesn’t fit through the door. Then the door has to go. I am getting more and more handy at it. I’ve been working here for a year now and you get techniques in things. When we need to get something from the first floor, I raise the tailgate and tackle things from the window. Then you don’t have to go up and down those stairs every time. ”

Davy knows exactly what he’s doing, but don’t put him inside in the same place for more than an hour. “Oh, then I go crazy. Fortunately they know that here too. ” Too bad to give a tour inside, is it not. He enthusiastically talks about woodworking, the room where clocks are fixed, the book sorting area and the place where all the clothes come in. “If I have to wait an hour for something, I will help somewhere. I can’t stand still. ”

Help out
Helping is a keyword at La Poubelle. “Everyone is collegial. When someone is done with his route, he rings to ask if you need help. I don’t hear that often, but it shows how nice the atmosphere is. The people in the office are also very nice. But if you have to get to the office of the big boss, then you probably got it right, haha. ” Who would have thought that while you were buying your new chair for ten euros, there were plenty of people behind the scenes?


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