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The Best Bakery in London


Once every few years it is that time again and a brand new food film is shown in the cinema. Last year, due to the corona virus, few films were released, so we are extra happy with the arrival of Love Sarah: a cross between Chocolat and Notting Hill.

Love Sarah
In Love Sarah, a young woman opens a bakery in Notting Hill, London. Not because it is her own, long-cherished dream, but that of her deceased mother. She decides to put on the chef’s jacket herself and enlists the help of her grandmother and an old friend.

Isabella, the daughter of the late Sarah, finds the perfect building in Notting Hill that at first glance looks like a ruin. She goes to work with grandma Mimi (a special but passionate woman) and 19-year-old Clarissa (the daughter of her mother’s best friend) and together they transform the space into a French bakery.

As you would expect from such a film, Love Sarah will also be peppered with clich├ęs and predictable storylines. Surrender and make sure you bring plenty of treats (did someone say raspberry financiers and lemon meringue pie?), Because just seeing the trailer makes us feel hungry.

Curious? Check out the Love Sarah trailer below.

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Love Sarah will hit theaters on September 10. Don’t feel like going out? These food films have been released for a while and you can watch them at home.


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