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Why Not Go for a Walk


Walking is relaxing
“By walking, I can clear my head,” is a common reason to put on the walking shoes. While walking you can organize your thoughts or put negative thoughts aside by focusing on the environment or on your walking movement (your cadence). The advantage of walking compared to running or cycling is that you go slower and therefore have more time to pay attention to your surroundings.

Walking can have a positive effect on your creativity
It is not without reason that Beethoven took long walks to arrive at his best compositions. During a walk you often come up with the best ideas. Difficult problem to solve or do you not want to succeed in working out that difficult report for your work? Go for a walk!

You are out in the fresh air
When you feel down, you often tend to stay indoors. By going outside, you get distraction. You see nature, you feel the wind and this gives you energy again.

Walking can give structure to your day
A daily walk can give structure to your day. Make it a habit to get out and about every day.

Walking gives you new experiences
During your walk you will come to all kinds of places that you wouldn’t come if you stayed indoors. While walking you will discover special plants and animals, see beautiful buildings or meet other walkers.

Walking can be a way to meet other people
With the emphasis on ‘possible’, because you might just enjoy walking alone. Walking can create social contacts, because you are ‘among the people’. For example, you can participate in an organized trip or join a hiking association.

A few tips for an even nicer walk
Tip 1:
During your walk, concentrate on your surroundings, so on what you hear, see, feel, smell, etc. Always alternate this. Walk for a minute while paying attention to the sounds around you (birds singing in the forest, the rustling of the wind, etc.), then focus for a minute on what you see (colors, the sky, trees and flowers, etc.) and so on.

Tip 2:
Take a camera with you while walking and photograph as many different plants, birds, buildings, striking objects, etc. etc. After a while you will have a nice collection of all kinds of things that you have encountered during your walks.


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